Upper Mustang Trek

11 Days


Near the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayan region in the rain shadow, Upper Mustang is a dry river valley. This valley used to be a prohibited kingdom within Nepal and established its own tradition and culture, which is quite similar to Tibetan culture, as a result of years of isolation from the outside world. Due to its distinct desert-like terrain, unique history, and distinctive culture, Upper Mustang has been a popular trekking destination in recent years.

The Kingdom of Mustang, also known as Lo, is where the Upper Mustang walk takes travelers through a secret Buddhist realm. This isolated trans-Himalayan mountain region, which shares a border with Tibet, has a very Tibetan feel to it in terms of both its people and culture as well as its desert terrain of tall cliffs and unusually shaped and colored rocks. It offers an exhilarating hike through a stunning semi-arid desert, complete with colorful rock formations, steep ravines, and snow-capped peaks all around you. The beautiful surroundings merge flawlessly with its history, culture, myth, and legends.

Upper Mustang

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Upper Mustang Trek